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It has been too long!  I have been working on music lately but have recently been itching to do something more creative with makeup artistry lately. I will probably be searching for models soon but I will certainly let you know first! =)

Here is a few shots of some random makeup I did just for fun.  =)

No photoshop in these photos. Just bare bones makeup.



huamakeup - creative




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So.  As a makeup artist I am constantly practicing, testing out colors and techniques.  Definitely tons of fun. So my most recent project was to use purple and black around the eye and make it NOT look like a black eye.  Purple is probably the hardest color to work with as …yes.. it can easily look like a black eye.  Mixed with some white, cool tones.  I often test looks on myself to practice before doing it on a model…my poor husband. haha.. =) Definitely a scarier look than my normal day to day.



purple - huamakeup

purple - huamakeup

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Hello everyone!

Thank you so much to everyone who drops by!  Feel free to leave a comment, message, questions anything!  I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about makeup/ products etc..

Here are the photos FINALLY from the bridal shoot!  Janet and I have been swamped with weddings so far and it’s only the beginning. but such a BLAST!  We LOVE hanging out the girls the morning of, there is such a air of excitement and nerves and we are so happy to help make that morning smoother and enjoyable!

Here they are, the 5 faces of bridal by elaine and janet.

Just click on here ——–>                          (+)

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Hello Brides! Brides to be! grooms??  =)

We love makeup artistry.  We love hair design… and yes, we love photography!  and even more we love being a part of that super fun morning of getting the girls dolled up for a big day!  After doing many weddings we were so inspired to do this bridal hair and makeup creative photoshoot!  We hope it gives you future brides and brides to be inspiration and ideas for your big day!  Makeup and hair should be just a compliment to your character, personality, charm, style and beauty down the aisle!  But, here are a variety of styles that we had fun coming up with!


Elaine and Janet








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Hello everyone.

Happy New Year!  The start of 2009 and things are already moving so quickly! Especially in terms of WEDDINGS!!  With that in mind and with the many weddings coming up I decided it would be fun to do a spread on bridal makeup artistry of this season.  We have finally decided on the themes for the photoshoots and it is going to be a BLAST!  It will be hair and makeup artistry based on The Classic Bride, The Destination Bride, The Ethnic Bride, The Natural Bride and the Modern Bride.  SO check back on March 10th for the photos!!!  and for inspiration for your BIG day!!!

God Bless,


Rock Chic’

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What a blast of an afternoon.  Thanks to my good friend for being such a good sport while we lay on the cement in the alley next to a motorbike, jumped on sofa’s next to garbage cans.. hahah.. and then after the glamourous  ROck Chic’ photoshoot turning you into Ash from Pokemon. hahaha..

Enjoy the photos!


The Elements.

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Hey Everyone!

Here are the photos from The Elements photoshoot I have been doing in October. Thanks girls for such a GREAT time! I had so much fun doing this photoshoot jumping in fountains! running through the forest! running to catch the perfect wind and being immersed in fog machine smoke! With the help of these beautiful women here are Earth, Water, Fire and Wind.